Coaching session



I am Alexandra Jekova-Peev, and my mission is to inspire every person by supporting their personal development.

As a former Olympian born in Bulgaria, on my journey to the global sports stage in snowboarding and success there, I encountered obstacles of various kinds.

It was a challenge to succeed, but together with my family, the team of the Bulgarian Ski Federation, my main sponsor - Fibank, and all other fellow travelers on this path, over the years, we managed to achieve historic results for Bulgaria.

I learned and gained experience through exploration, hard work, analysis after failures, and accumulating experiences of various kinds.

After retiring from competitive sports, I decided to dedicate my life to ongoing development and education, striving for self-improvement and success.

Now, my mission is to help other people develop their potential for outstanding achievements. I have a sense of discovering talents and am happy when I can support them.

As a trained coach from Mentor Coaches & Erickson Coaching International with ICF Bulgaria, I follow the basic competencies established in the professional ethical code and standards of the International Coaching Federation.

Today, coaching is used in sports, life, and business, helping modern individuals find answers to their internal doubts and desires.

Teaching, coaching, mentoring, and consulting are different practices that I approach with different methodologies and responsibilities.

In my sessions, I primarily use tools, techniques, processes, and psychological approaches to analyze strategies applied to achieve personal or team goals.

Over the last three years, I have mainly practiced in the following areas:

- sport coaching, personal development coaching life coaching, health& wellness coaching

- entrepreneur coaching, high-performance team coaching

Through my sessions, I explore the needs, motivations, desires, and skills to help a person or team make a real, lasting positive change in their lives.

I use various techniques to facilitate clients' thought processes and identify the best solutions, and actions.

Through observation, I apply creative tools, and if necessary, I offer individual training and consulting.

I encourage clients to continually improve their competencies and develop a new mental state with a set of skills when needed to achieve their goals.

It would be my joy and privilege to be your support on the path to your goal!

"Coaching unlocks the potential of a person to maximize their performance. It helps you learn instead of teaching you." 

-Sir John Whitmore

With love,